Friday, September 6, 2013

Doggy Fun Facts

Being the documentary buff and dog lover that I am, I'm just fascinated with dogs. Their behavior, their understanding, their quirks and yes, even that milky puppy breath that I wish you could bottle. Below, I'll share some interesting facts that may change the way you think about your best friend. Despite the fact that I've raised many dogs in my life, a few of these fun facts were even new to me!

Is your dog just naughty? Does he have terrible manners? No. Your dog isn't naughty, he's just adopted the role of being the leader of the family. Why? Easy. Because you let him be. Think about it. Does he grab food out of your hand? Does he pull the leash when you walk him? Does he jump up and knock people down? If yes, it's because you haven't corrected him. And before you say, "I DO correct him, I yell at him and shove him down when he jumps on me."  Well, that won't work because the dog actually perceives that as play. Control is the number one way to correct/train your dog. YOU are always in control and YOU are the dog's leader. Not the other way around. You can spoil that dog until the cows come home, but it must be on YOUR terms, not when your dog demands attention (jumping, stealing food, etc.)  Once you have a firm understanding of that, it'll change the way you interact with your dog. Says the person who would sleep on the floor rather than move her dog off the bed.

Looking for some sort of "punishing" consequence for your pup? It's so easy, you'll be amazed. You ready for this? Take a few links of a chain or a few bent nails and place them inside a nylon pouch (or anything indestructible that he can't chew through) and when your dog is chewing, barking excessively, or any other undesirable behavior, toss the bag with the nails/chain link onto the floor beside him. My 80 lb dog is terrified of it. I've never hurt him or hit him with it, but I was told that the chain's clinking sound mimics the sound of a small dog's teeth and it scares the dog and causes him to stop in his tracks. I'm telling you, it works like a charm. If our puppy steals something and won't give it back (you know how fun it is to chase a puppy...not) all I have to do is jingle the "puppy pillow" and he immediately drops said contra ban. Genius!

Oldest myth in the book. Puppy has accident on floor. Owner gets mad and rubs his face in it. Nope. That doesn't work. All the puppy knows is that you're mad at him for some reason and now his face is being rubbed into his own mess. Dogs don't have the logical thought processing that a person has. Not to say a dog can't understand cause and effect, but it's a pretty far stretch to get from
"pee outside" to "smashing his face into a puddle."  More than anything, I understand frustration with a strong willed dog who simply won't housebreak. It's hard to keep your patience and anger in check. But, remember they're looking to you for guidance on how this whole housebreaking thing goes. Dogs don't come housebroken and they aren't cats who innately know how to use a litter box. They must be shown where to go. With all of this said, there is still a percentage of dogs that cannot be housebroken, despite all of your efforts. So often, owners will have no choice but to re-home their dog as to avoid ruining their home. If this is the case, there is help!! Check out and read how you can COMPLETELY housebreak your dog in a matter of days. It's 100% guaranteed and I personally know of countless, countless dogs who went from hopeless to housebroken!

Happy Tails!


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