Saturday, August 31, 2013

Calling All Dog Lovers

Not all dog lovers are able to freely love dogs in the comfort of their own homes. Often landlords, leases, allergies and finances won't allow the true gift of dog ownership. But, luckily that shouldn't keep you away from (wo)man's best friend!

Find a local animal shelter or Humane Society and ask how to get involved. Not only would you be doing a great service to a non-profit organization, but the animals are so appreciative of your time and affection. The fullness in your heart that you'll feel after volunteering your time will be worth the time.

Offer to be a buddy to a neighbor or friend's dog. The situation is an easy win/win. Your friend can rely on you to walk his pup while he's away and you get your dog fix. Plus, spending time with a dog is just plain good for the soul!

Looking for part time work? Find a veterinarian's office, a pet store, a kennel or a grooming facility and see if they're hiring. Although you need formal training to medically care for dogs, many of these businesses just need  a dog loving person to walk, bathe, feed and play with the animals. I visited a big-name pet supply store recently and noticed that they put in a glass encased room for the dogs to play while their parents were at work. A doggy day care?!?!  After 20 awkward minutes, the staff acknowledged me and also acknowledged the drool and mascara all over the glass because my face was eerily plastered up against it. They decided not to call security because I assured everyone that I was simply trying to figure out how I could squeeze being "a professional doggy play person" onto my already hectic work week. At any rate, if you've got some time to kill and if you're just looking to make some fun money, maybe check around to see if anyone needs another pair of hands to care for dogs.

Check around your town or city. See if there's a dog park. Technically you don't need a dog to visit a dog park. You might get some strange looks when you start playing with someone else's dog, but hey...nothing that a quick explanation couldn't fix!

Whatever your outlet may be, spending time with animals is proven to enrich your life and warm your heart. So many dogs simply don't get the human contact that they need because their owners' lives get too darn busy. Be the person who can bring an otherwise lonely dog some attention and affection.

~Happy Tails!


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