Saturday, July 13, 2013

Puppy Play!!

Have you ever heard the saying, "A bored child is a naughty child?"  The same is true for a puppy or a dog. When you've completely lost your patience with your dog because he's been on a destructive path all week, you have to consider the obvious. He's bored!

I have compiled a list of fun activities to do with your dog.

  • Freeze a chew toy inside a zippered freezer bag of half water, half chicken broth. When it's completely frozen, peel off the bag and send your dog outside to lick his way to the toy. It'll keep him busy for hours. Or in my dog's case, minutes.

  • Gather several Tupperware storage containers and several dog treats. Turn the containers upside down on top of various treats and get your dog engaged in a rousing game of "find the treats!"

  • Get a laser pointer. Bring your dog into a dimly lit room and make him "catch the spot."

  • Swimming. I realize some dogs are not swimmers, but I'd be hard pressed to find a dog who wouldn't be in heaven spending an afternoon at the lake. Whether they're looking for fish, chasing the geese or wading close to shore, the fresh air and sunshine will keep him occupied and content.

  • Don't have time for a walk? That's ok, just throw the ball down the stairs a couple 300 times. This game saved us this winter when we were cooped up with a very energetic puppy.

  • Nacho mama's play dates! Invite over a friend who has a dog and let them explore each other. Obviously, some temperaments are just not compatible, so have a back up plan if the play date flops. Same rings true for bringing a 10 week old puppy to play with a 15 year old dog.
If you're unable to dedicate this much interaction with your four legged friend, try visiting your local pet store. The available varieties of chew toys is absurd. You'll be able to find anything from a squeaky pig (my dog's obsession) to a 4 foot rawhide to a hollow Kong" where you fill the hole with a treat and he goes ballistic trying to get out the treat. Who doesn't love a kong? What else can you find at your local pet store?? Why, The Housebreaker, of course! For all of your housebreaking challenges, check us out online at

Like people, your dog absolutely needs interaction for proper development. If none of these activities sound like a good time to you, perhaps a cat might better suit you. :) 

Happy tails!

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