Saturday, June 15, 2013

Struggles with Housebreaking

It's the oldest story in the book. Family adopts adorable puppy. Puppy requires attention and training. Family loses interest in puppy. Puppy's habits get inconvenient. Family blames puppy or worse, gives up their new family member. You have to know that going into puppy-hood, you're going to have to put in the work. Just like you would a child or a garden. But, the good news is that a little bit of work in the beginning can offer a lifetime of reward.

Don't have unrealistic expectations of your puppy. In addition to being taken away from their litter mates and the only mother they know, they're also learning where they fit into their new families. You wouldn't scold a baby for crying or soiling their diaper, just and you shouldn't scold a puppy for having an accident.

During a puppy obedience class earlier this year I specifically remember one very important aspect of house training your dog. If your dog has free reign in your home and if you turn your back and become distracted, later you'll likely find a puddle or a pile somewhere in your house. When this occurs, the instructor suggested that we get a newspaper or a magazine. Roll it up really tight. And hit yourself in the head with it, because it's actually your fault that the pup had an accident. You can't ignore the puppy and not expect that he isn't going to make mistakes. I listened closely to this particular training tip because like a lot of dog owners, we REALLY struggled to house train our dog. After following all of the necessary components to house training, our dog was still having accidents. It was suggested that we bring out the big guns. We had to leash our dog inside our home and hang onto the end of the leash at all times. This was to ensure we'd catch him in the act before he had an accident.  I hated doing it. It seemed excessive and quite frankly, it was cumbersome. By the end of that L-O-N-G week, we were finally able to break my dog of his habits.

This could have all been avoided if I'd known about The Housebreaker. It would have produced the same results without the hassle of keeping my dog at my side for a week. At least if my pup regresses, I'll have a much better alternative. The Housebreaker is much more convenient and in my opinion produces quicker results, without punishing or shaming your animal. This naughty dog of mine wasn't my first and won't be my last, so I welcome any future dogs of mine to have housebreaking issues. With the help of The Housebreaker, I could house break even the most stubborn doggies. Bring it on!

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