Monday, June 25, 2012

Wee Wee Pads for Puppy Potty Training - Just Say No!

Many, many people use wee-wee pads (also called piddle pads, potty training pads, puppy pads...). They were developed as an alternative to newspaper as a method of keeping puppy accidents off the floor while puppy potty training.

Wee-Wee Pads for Housebreaking - Please Reconsider
Advantages to Wee-Wee Pads

To be fair - the store bought wee-wee pads do:

  1.  Allow less moisture to get to your floors than newspapers since they have a plastic backing. 
  2. Allow your dog to go to the bathroom in your home while you are away (is this an advantage??? - kinda in the "maybe an advantage" category since your dog is going to the bathroom in your home....yuck!)
However, this is where the advantages end. 

Top 10 Disadvantages of Wee-Wee Pads

The list of disadvantages is long and includes:

  1. Train your puppy to go potty inside your home (this is a BIG one!)
  2. Cost $$ thousands of dollars over the life of your dog
  3. Require constant purchases 
  4. Horrible for the environment  - do not biodegrade 
  5. Are gross to handle
  6. Allow your dog to step in accidents and track across the home
  7. Stinky 
  8. Gross to your friends and guests (and you - right?)
  9. Horrible if you have a baby that is crawling on your floors
  10. Many dogs never learn the difference between a pad and the carpet because they look so similar.
There are no-doubt many more DIS-advantages but these are the top reasons. 
Have you considered fully-housebreaking your dog? There is an option that guarantees to fully potty train your puppy (instead of using wee-wee pads). It is fast and easy. Check out The Housebreaker here. 


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