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Top 5 Puppy Potty Training Mistakes Most People Make

Top 5 Puppy Potty Training Mistakes
"Umm....Is This Not OK?
We all make mistakes. When it comes to potty training a new puppy there are 5 mistakes most new pet owners make without even knowing they are mistakes! These whoopsies will keep your home flooded with pee and confuse your dog - leaving you frustrated and pulling your hair out. Even one of these blunders will prevent you from having a pee-free home and some will actually cause your dog to have more accidents.

Without further adieu...here they are:

#5 - Not Enough Time Outside or Too Much Wasted Time Outside

Many pet owners make sure to take their young pups outside frequently during the day - which IS necessary for the puppy with a small and developing bladder to make sure to eliminate outside. However, when puppies are taken outside for too brief of a period and expected to pee on-command they will not have enough time to eliminate and will pee inside soon after their trip outside.

The opposite is true when puppies are brought out and are allowed long periods of time in the yard to play and wonder. Oftentimes, new pet owners assume that a puppy will automatically pee if given a ton of outside time and then discover that the pup pees once inside. The problem here is that the puppy is too amped to have "recess" in the yard and forgets to pee outside - or doesn't even think about peeing until they get back in your house. The way to avoid this is to bring the puppy out on a leash and walk the puppy around on the leash - forcing him to get some exercise. The exercise will stimulate the need to pee and you will be able to offer a verbal reward when the puppy does pee outside. Say something like "good dog!" in a gentle tone so the puppy knows he has pleased you. Do not take the puppy inside until it has eliminated.

#4 - Free Roam of the House Unsupervised

You cannot act surprised to find a puddle if you have allowed your pup to wonder around the house unsupervised. Puppies are like little babies. They don't really know when or where to go potty yet - so they "go" when they feel like going. Sometimes you may even be watching the pup and realize too late that they are having an accident - and it is too late - there is a mess to clean up!

In order to make sure your pup is always supervised you can keep him in a crate when you are not watching him. When you are home, you can either keep him on a leash the entire time (which is cumbersome and fiddly) or he can wear a belly band (females wear a diaper) with The Housebreaker on. The Housebreaker will alert you to any attempted accidents and the garment will stop the accident form hitting the floor. No mess. No fuss. Simple.

#3 - Putting Their Nose In The Pee or Poo

This is an "old-school" way of training dogs that is cruel and doesn't work. Putting your pets face in urine or feces is disgusting - your pet will have pee or poo on their face which you will have to wash off! The pet could also get an infection on their face from being smeared in pee or poo. This is highly ineffective for two reasons:

  1. The dogs doesn't know why you are doing this. Since you didn't actually catch the incident - the pet just will know you are mean and like to push his face in yucky things. Not a great way to befriend your Best Friend. He will learn to hide his accidents so he doesn't get subjected to this.
  2. Since you aren't actually correcting the problem (him going in the house) - putting his face in the accident is the equivalent of putting a baby's face in a diaper. You will not solve the problem and may even make it worse. 

#2 - Using Pee Pads, Wee-Wee Pads, Puddle Pads, Newspaper, Magazines...

Many, many people use a spot in thier home that is designated for the dog to eliminate. However, they unknowingly teach their dogs to go to the bathroom in their house and then are suprised when the dog doesn't know NOT to go inside. This is one of the most confusing things for a dog. Their instinct is to not go to the bathroom in their "dens". Since a home is so large, learning the boundaries of the den can be difficult. When a pad is placed on the floor - you are inviting your pet to eliminate in your house. Don't act surprised when they pee on the carpet, bath mat, towels,...these things are had to differentiate from a pad.

As a side note - if the puppy was being raised in a pen with shredded paper before you brought him home - he will need extra work learning that the carpet is not a toilet. Very confusing.

#1 - Allowing a Puppy to Pee Inside Even One Time

Many people believe (and dread) that there WILL BE accidents to clean up while training their puppy. These accidents will leave a stain where future accidents will repeatedly occur since that spot (or spots) will always have the faint reminder to your dog to pee there. There will be time on your hands and knees scrubbing up accidents. There will be frustration. Expensive floor cleaners to buy and at least one visit from the Professional Carpet Cleaner....This is not true!

As long as your puppy gets plenty of outside time, is kept in a properly sized crate, is never allowed to roam unsupervised, is never introduced to pads inside, and uses The Housebreaker when roaming the house - there will NEVER be an accident in your house. The process will be easier, faster, and simple.

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