Thursday, May 24, 2012

The Housebreaker on WZZM 13 "Take 5"

When should new pet owners start potty training? 
Puppy potty training begins on the first day the pet is brought into a new home. If you find that you have an adult dog that has not been properly potty trained, begin retraining your dog. Although it may take longer - old dogs can learn new tricks.

What are the Top 3 Mistakes Many Pet Owners make? 
There are many things that pet owners do that will actually make potty training their pets more difficult or even work against you. There are 3 that make the "biggest mistakes" list and some are very familiar.
  1. Allowing a dog to have even one accident in the house. Once an accident has occurred in the home, the dog has a memory of the incident and, until the carpet is torn out and replaced - there will always be a scent that your dog and other dogs can find in that spot.
  2. Putting your dog's "nose in it". This is an old-school form of punishment that has been found proven ineffective and can actually make matters worse. This is similar to putting a baby's face in a diaper. Not only is it cruel and confusing, it can cause infections in your dog's face from the bacteria. If you don't catch your dog in the act - you missed your opportunity to make a correction. Clean up the mess and make sure another accident doesn't happen.
  3. Allowing an untrained pet to roam the house unsupervised. Most people wouldn't let a baby roam their house without a diaper - the same consideration should be given to a dog that is not fully house trained yet. Until your dog is housetrained fully - constant supervision is key.

What are the BEST practices for housebreaking a puppy? 
There are 2 Key Things that pet owners can do to potty train their pup with ease. Doing these things will make the process quick, simple, and painless.
  1. Frequent Walks. Young puppies need to be taken out after every time they are done playing, after waking from a nap, after eating and after drinking. Don't just put the dog outside - go out with him to make sure he moves around and eliminates before coming back in.
  2. Constant Supervision. A puppy cannot have an accident if you are always watching it. Fortunately, there are 2 essential tools to help you: a crate and The Housebreaker Kit. A crate will be a safe place for your pup when you are away from home - providing a "bed room" for your pup to sleep and stay out of harm. The Housebreaker Kit will be your new best friend when you are home - preventing indoor accidents and alerting you immediately as soon as the pup tries to pee inside.

What is The Housebreaker Kit and how do you use it? 
Since it is crucial that you catch your dog "in the act" - The Housebreaker Kit is a product that not only prevents pee from getting all over your house but also catches your pup in the act. The wireless Wet-Sensor will signal the Alarm as soon as your pup attempts to have an accident in the house. The Wet-Sensor is attached using the Attachment Sleeve directly against the urine source inside any commercially available diaper or belly band. It is easy to use, some parts are made in the USA, and costs less than even one carpet cleaning service.

Does The Housebreaker Kit harm the pet? 
There is no shock or harm to the pet whatsoever. The Wet-Sensor senses the pee and sends a signal. The technology has been evaluated by the FDA, Canadian Medical Board, and European Medical Board and found to be safe enough for human use.

If viewers want to adopt the puppy: Who do they contact? 
The sweet pup shown here today was abandoned by his owner and available for adoption. He is 12-weeks old, neutered, micro chipped, has started his puppy shot series and whoever adopts him will be receiving all of the items shown on the set today courtesy of The Housebreaker: the crate, bedding, bowls, and The Housebreaker Kit.   Please contact Michele's Rescue for more information (231) 798-4935, (231) 327-7777,
Toll-Free: 800-884-1736 

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